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A growing socially conscious community. 

Involving in the change • Evolving as a community

Speakers inspiring us to take action 

evolve explained

Speaker led events hearing from people and organisations who are

striving for better, living more consciously and taking action. 

Expert speakers will share actions that will inspire us with a positive approach to improve our present and future lives.


at the heart of evolve

 Evolving into topics centred on the sustainable development goals which will be kept at the heart of everything we do. 

Hearing from people who are taking action against climate change, hunger,  inequality, injustice and improving health & wellbeing.

With an initial focus on the environment, hearing from speakers in their unique way are taking active steps to confront the climate crisis. 

Previous sessions on environment www.7sessions.com

the community

Sharing the experiences and learnings from our speakers.  

Growing the community by learning and sharing from each other in a sociable and interactive way in the hope that stronger informed communities and connections can be created. 

People  focusing on what really matters.

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Sessions line up for 2020

Session for Choose Love Refugee Charity

Session on Creativity & Mental Health

Session on the "Environmentalism in the New World'

Because of these unique times we are moving on line. 

We will be hosting live sessions towards the end of the year. 

More info coming soon!





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